Employees are assets of every organization, therefore taking care of their psycho-social issues will prevent and deal with a number of potential counterproductive behaviour patterns which usually affect organizations’ productivity and profits.

Counselling is one of Employee Assistant Programme (EAP) components dealing with problems such as:

  • Dealing with fatigue Personal counselling services, such as psychological support for emotional and psychiatric conditions
  • Burnout and/or Fatigue
  • Personal stressors
  • Work-related issues
  • Relationship/interpersonal conflicts
  • Absenteeism and incapacity counselling
  • HIV/AIDS counselling and support
  • Retrenchment and Restructuring support
  • Trauma debriefing and counselling


We also help organizations deal with:

  • Managerial Consultancy services – support offered to Managers and HR functions
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Supervisory training on how to identify troubled employees